What is a Lien

Nebraska law, along with most other states, allow tradesmen and material suppliers to file liens on property upon which they have made improvements or supplied material. A lien is a property interest and a lien holder is situated very similarly to that of a lending company. A lien held by a tradesmen can be foreclosed, just as a lender can foreclose on a home for non-payment.

Why File a Lien

A lien is generally filed when construction services have been performed but the owner or general contractor has not paid for its performance. A lien provides a simple way to protect yourself and helps ensure that you will get paid. Just filing a lien doesn't do anything other than preserve your right to enforce or foreclose the lien later, if other attempts to collect the debt are not successful. However, just filing a lien may help resolve the issue and get you paid because owners will be put on notice that you intend to enforce your rights.

Important Things to Consider

The lien statutes have many rules that must be complied with - one of which being a relatively short window of time in which a lien must be filed. If you have provided construction services and remain unpaid, call us today and we can help determine if we still have time to file a lien.

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